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Trusted Clients, Vendor Partners, Colleagues, and Friends,

This month marks a momentous occasion for our company. Thirty years ago, we embarked on a journey to create extraordinary events that would leave lasting impressions. We stand proud and humbled, celebrating three decades of excellence in the world of corporate event planning.

Over the years, we've had the privilege of crafting unforgettable experiences for esteemed organizations, bringing visions to life, and turning dreams into reality. From global conferences to memorable trade shows, from personalized awards ceremonies to Olympic-themed team-building adventures, we've been by your side, ensuring each moment is nothing short of amazing.


Our success has been fueled by the unwavering dedication and creativity of our exceptional team and our vendor partners. Our team works tirelessly behind the scenes, paying meticulous attention to every detail, making your events truly one-of-a-kind.


To our clients, you are the heartbeat of our company. Your trust and support have driven us to reach new heights. Thank you for inspiring us to push boundaries and set new standards in the industry.


As we step into the future, we are committed to embracing innovation and technology while staying true to our core values (Listen, Respond, Creative, Provide, Trusting). Our passion for creativity and commitment to customer satisfaction will always remain at the forefront.


The next 30 years hold boundless opportunities and challenges, and we eagerly embrace them. With your partnership, we will continue to create extraordinary events that redefine excellence.


So, here's to the memories we've made, the friendships we've forged, and the exceptional events yet to come!


With gratitude,


Lori Lombardi Ryan

President of OCMG

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