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 Nancy Jones 


Production Manager


Nancy’s experience provides her with dual roles in the company as both Production Manager and Exhibit Hall Manager.
As Production Manager, she works behind the scenes to ensure the audience sees a flawless production on stage.  From backstage, she is responsible for directing the technical aspects such as entertainment, lighting, music, videos, timing and award/speaker presentations.  She makes the conference/event theme come alive on stage and engages the audience by having them hear, see and feel the message.  She has worked with entertainment names such as Joan Jet, CCR, Beach Boys, KC & the Sunshine Band, Cake and many more.  During her 26 years, she has been trusted by some of the largest companies including Gap, Old Navy, Levi’s, Banana Republic, GNC, and Walgreens. Additionally, she has worked on prestigious events such as the MLB All-Star Fanfest, Olympic Village for Anheuser Busch and McDonald's, Super Bowl Players Party, NBA All-Star Jam Fest, Oracle Worldwide Tour, State Farm Touring Event and the Indianapolis 500.  Fortune 500 CEO’s, Executives, Celebrities, Dignitaries, and Athletes have put their trust in Nancy to make them and their presentations look and sound good on stage.
As Exhibit Hall Manager and technical advisor, Nancy is tasked with determining the layout, kind and quantity of audiovisual equipment required in all meeting rooms throughout the conference.  She analyzes and estimates appropriate equipment used in providing high-quality presentations while staying on budget.  She works as a liaison to contractors, vendors, venue managers, Fire Marshalls’ and entertainment to ensure all codes and restrictions are adhered to.
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