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Speaker Spotlight: Nina Sossamon-Pogue

Nina Sossamon-Pogue is someone you need to know. She is a powerhouse keynote speaker on the topics of resilience, adversity, and achievement.

Her unique life path where she has had to reinvent herself multiple times through numerous setbacks and quite a few professions is astonishing and really proves how Sossamon-Pogue has harnessed the concept of resilience and applied it to her life.

Her inspiring real-world talks help individuals and corporate executives alike breakthrough personal and professional roadblocks.

Holding on to the pain that is derived from a moment in time doesn't always serve us. Sossamon-Pogue understands that. During her speaking events, she walks her audience through the steps to move on from the past or present and embrace the future.

Watch this video to get a glimpse into the type of approach Sossamon-Pogue takes during her sessions:

She is the best-selling author of This Is Not ‘The End’: Strategies to Get You Through the Worst Chapters of Your Life.

She's been a successful corporate executive, an Emmy award-winning News Anchor and a member of the USA Gymnastics team. In her book, she shares candid stories of her own journey toward healing after a series of traumatic events. She uses the wisdom gained from her experience, combined with proven and practical tips, to show those going through a difficult time how to:

  • Figure out where to put this event in their head

  • Create the script that will protect them in public

  • Assess which people and places are helping or hurting them

  • Learn how to look at a traumatic event as a fraction of their life story

  • Understand that even the most public pain (television trucks on the front lawn) comes and goes

  • Practice the mental gymnastics needed to get them to the next chapter (yes, there is a next chapter!)

Learn more about This Is Not The End:


Sossamon-Pogue is a great option for a corporate retreat, company convention, or any other event where you are looking to inspire your employees.

Let us help you source a spectacular speaker for your next event! Call us at 407.948.5706 or visit our website at

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