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5 Essential Trade Show Booth Tips

We think you'll agree with us when we say:

Planning and executing a trade show booth for a company can be overwhelming.

Well, it turns out, with proper planning you can dramatically decrease your stress and easily navigate the trade show experience.

And in today’s post we're going to make sure that you are prepared for your next trade show booth.

OCMG organizes and manages a number of trade shows and conventions for our clients.

There is a lot of organization and coordination that goes on behind the scenes in order for exhibitors to effectively and efficiently construct and display their booth at a convention.

If you are new to this space and now in charge of your company’s trade show booth, shipping, and construction; here is some top-line advice to consider when planning and setting up your trade show booth.

5 Essential Tips for Maximizing Your Trade Show Booth Experience

1. Be sure to read all of the exhibitor materials as soon as they are available.

2. Pick your booth space early. The best spots with the most traffic get reserved early.

If you aren't sure where these high traffic spots are then read our post on How to Find the Best Location for Your Trade Show Booth.

3. Fill out all of the forms correctly to ensure that your materials, booth, electronics, rental furnishings, decor, power and lighting all gets delivered and assembled on time and correctly.

4. It’s really important you know the operating hours and logistics of when you can start setting up your booth.

You don't want to be caught still setting up when potential customers are walking through the door.

Consider a practice run in your office before the big day. This way you will know how much time it takes you to set up your booth.

This practice run may even allow you to sleep in a little later the day of your event....wink wink.

5. Know the rules for with working with unions at a convention center.

There are different unions for different responsibilities.

Ex. Sometimes one union will uncrate your exhibit, perform the installation and dismantle of exhibit & display material, and another union will install flooring, hang non-electric signs, and hang fabric.

The bottom line...

Oversight of a corporate booth can be intimidating the first time out so be prepared and double check your project plan.

If you need help navigating the ins and the outs of a trade show or convention, give OCMG a call at 407.948.5706 or email . We would be happy to work with you.

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