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How to Find the Best Location for Your Trade Show Booth

How’d you like to see our secret stash of untapped information on where to set up your trade show booth at a convention?

Well consider yourself very lucky…

…because today we're going to pull back the curtain and share some of our absolute BEST advice with you.

Many people aren't aware that the location of their trade show booth determines their success at a convention.

Every trade show has its own particular method for assigning booth space.

It could be...

past participation and sponsorship, bidding for preferred space and the final selection is made by a committee, booth size, assigned spaces, or first come first served.

Step one is to find out how booth locations are chosen at your particular convention.

If you have control over your booth location here are places you should set up:

~ high-traffic areas

~ near companies selling products that have nothing to do with the products you are offering (less competition leads to new customers)

~ main aisles

~ entrances to aisles

~ ends of rows

~ corner spaces

~ along the route to a seminar, concession stand, or bathrooms (this will force people to have to walk past your booth)

Where not to set up:

~ too close to the trade show entrance (large crowds gather at entrances and will hide your booth)

~ dead-end aisles

~ locations covered up by columns or overhanging ceiling pipes

~ near competitors

~ near companies with loud PA systems

If you get stuck in that all dreaded spot at the back of the convention space then grow your booth! The taller the better! Grab the attendee's attention with height (at least 20 feet high if not higher).

Americans Vs. International Mindset

Find out which side of the road your audience drives on. Set up on that side of the aisle.

Americans tend to walk on the right hand side when passing individuals because that is the side of the road we drive on.

If your trade show is international, take note of which side of the road that country drives on and set up on that side of the aisle.

Be Prepared

  • Review pictures or videos of last year’s show or other shows held at that venue

  • Talk to the venue coordinators

  • Ask to be on a waiting list for a preferred space if there are last minute cancellations

  • Hire a company like OCMG to help you navigate the trade show space (Contact us at 407-948-5706 and

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