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Partner Feature: The Teneo Hospitality Group

Featured: OCMG & Teneo Hospitality Group

Who is the Teneo Hospitality Group?

Teneo Hospitality Group is a Global Group Sales Organization for the finest collection of hotels, resorts, and destination management companies worldwide. Their portfolio consists mainly of independent hotels and resorts, and properties within smaller luxury brands.

How is the Teneo Hospitality Group working with OCMG during COVID-19?

They have found a creative way to treat us to some virtual hotel tours. One, in particular, was very fun. We did a virtual coffee with Cindy Meyerer from the Teneo Hospitality Group, the Ocean Reef Club, and hotel representative Margo Siewert. We used Zoom to view the property and learn about the amenities of the hotel. We were all able to safely social distance from different cities and still be able to experience what the Key Largo hotel had to offer. It was a win-win!

Photo Credit: Ocean Reef Club

How is the Teneo Hospitality Group giving back to the community during COVID-19?

Teneo Member Hotel, Pechanga Resort Casino donated 3,000 N95 masks to three hospitals:

Teneo Member Hotel, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess donated and handed out nearly 300 Easter dinners for their colleagues:

The Teneo Hospitality Group Abroad

We partnered with our Teneo Hospitality Group Partner Network to construct a virtual scavenger hunt in Düsseldorf, Germany to promote strategy, team spirit, creativity, and communication in an exciting team competition. The challenge utilized GPS and tablet technology and took place over two hours. It was followed by a group lunch at a local Germanic restaurant for a victory celebration and additional team bonding.

We are grateful for our long-term partnership with the Teneo Hospitality Group and look forward to utilizing their services again in the near future.

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